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Claim/Procedure Dispute Procedures
Provider Dispute Resolution Notice
Provider Dispute Resolution Request Form
Provider Dispute Resolution FAQs
MA Plan Non Contracted Provider Payment Appeal Process

Training Resources:
California Mandated Reporting
Requirements for Abuse:

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Code of Conduct
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Fraud, Waste and Abuse
Visit the website and follow the directions below:

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  • Select Training Catalog Tab   
  • Select Fraud and Abuse   
  • Select Medicare Fraud and Abuse: Prevention, Detection and Reporting   
  • Take survey and print certificate   

General Compliance
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  • Select Medicare Parts C and D General Compliance Training   
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Model of Care (MOC) Trainings

Please contact Human Resources at (805) 657-0244 to obtain access to the following training resources:

  • Bloodbourne Pathogens
  • Safety