Angelika Deloa, MD

Dr. Angelika DeLoa became an Identity physician in 2015, joining Drs. Dodge, Murphy, and Loman at 168 Brent Street. She was board-certified in Family Medicine in 2014, after completing her undergraduate work at UC Berkeley and receiving her MD degree from Chicago Medical School. She did her internship and residency at St. Peter Family Medicine Residency in Olympia, Washington.

Born and raised in Hungary, she first became interested in medicine when, as a young child, she accompanied her veterinarian father and assisted in small surgical procedures. She was frustrated by her inability to communicate with the animals and to know if they were truly helping them, but she found the anatomy and physiology fascinating and decided to become a physician. Her resolve was reinforced by several very smart, powerful female physicians who treated her own childhood illnesses and left strong impressions.

In her practice, Dr. DeLoa treats (among other conditions) diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, obesity, inactivity, and acute viral and bacterial illnesses.   Her foremost goal is to create a non-judgmental atmosphere in her exam room so she can truly understand her patients, their motivations, and their readiness for change. She enjoys educating patients about their medical conditions, whether simple or complex: she believes this is essential for the patient’s ultimate compliance. She hopes to partner with her patients, contributing her medical expertise to their own expertise, and understanding the limitations and resources of their particular situations. Thus together they can not only tackle medical issues one at a time as they arise, but also aim for a better quality of life overall.

In her free time, Dr. DeLoa enjoys walking, hiking, going to the beach, and playing Frisbee with her husband and dog Koko. She and her husband love road trips, especially if bicycling is involved. She enjoys cooking healthy foods, and loves to read, study, and learn, especially about all sorts of medical disciplines.